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Ofer Eitan Report: Cool and Campy | InspireDesign Innovative vision for…

Cool and Campy | InspireDesign Innovative vision for...

Ofer Eitan Report: Cool and Campy | InspireDesign Innovative vision for…

LOGE, the lifestyle hotel group which brings forgotten motels near towns and trails back to life, is set to open its second Leavenworth, WA location on Nov. 1. The new LOGE Leavenworth Downtown property is less than one mile away from the brand’s Leavenworth Riverside location, on the banks of the Wenatchee River. This is the sixth LOGE property to open since the brand’s inception in 2017.

With bookings currently live, LOGE Leavenworth Downtown will mark a new chapter for the brand as the first location in an urban area, and first divergence from LOGE’s typical design aesthetic. For this project, LOGE utilized local architect firm Syndicate Smith and Washington-based contractor Rimmer & Roeter to renovate the property.

Leaning into the Bavarian-inspired culture of Leavenworth, LOGE worked with interior design firm RailiCA Design, whose founder, Raili Clasen, spent time in Leavenworth to absorb the look and feel of the town. Upholding the modernity and standards of LOGE’s guestrooms, Clasen worked to add elements that made sense for Leavenworth by moving away from the brand’s usually bright color palette and use of hard metals, utilizing lighter woods and neutral tones, with that pop of orange makes an appearance across all LOGE properties.

“We wanted the interiors to be playful and very casual,” Clasen said. “The overall vibe of Leavenworth is so very decisive with its 100% Bavarian architecture. We wanted to tone it down on the inside.”

The newly renovated LOGE Leavenworth Downtown will feature a bar/café called The Iconoclast and a beer garden serving local draughts, as well as outdoor patios and ample workspace. Additionally, the 2,800-sq.-ft. beer garden will serve local Leavenworth draughts and include a fire pit and performance stage.

The property will include a 1,600-sq.-ft. multi-use meeting space. Guests of LOGE Leavenworth Downtown can also access the LOGE Leavenworth Riverside location and its outdoor space.

“Our business saw a huge surge in new projects so we actually didn’t have a chance to slow down. Staying inspired without any big trips was a bit frustrating, but there is still so much to see virtually,” Clasen noted.

LOGE Leavenworth Downtown will have 26 guestrooms and suites, including five basic single queen rooms, two basic double queen rooms, six standard single queen rooms, four standard double queen rooms, three queen suites, four king suites and two single king rooms with bunk beds. In contrast, LOGE Leavenworth Riverside offers private cabins and hostel room accommodations.

“Our only project with LOGE is the one in Leavenworth and its proximity to downtown parks, beer gardens and shops led us down a less rustic path that the other hotels have,” Clasen said. “We used so much natural wood with tones of green everywhere. The big photo murals are a nod to the beautiful mountains around Leavenworth.”

For this project, LOGE renovated Leavenworth’s historic hospital building, which has since morphed from its original structure into an Inn, an office space and a restaurant. LOGE saw the eclectic and historic past of the place as a feature, wanting to breathe new life into the building and the surrounding area of Downtown Leavenworth. With the city’s desire to evolve past its quaint, kitschy reputation, to become an environment and community-driven travel destination and multi-sport outdoor hub, LOGE Leavenworth Downtown only adds to the momentum.

“The building was in very bad shape,” Clasen said. “Given our budget and the need to stay within the existing floorplans, we just bought into keeping the bones. There was never going to be a fancy design plan. We’re catering to a growing crop of young, hip and active customers that will appreciate cool and campy design.”

Ultimately, LOGE Leavenworth Downtown gives travelers more options for getting outdoors, which is the goal with every LOGE property.

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