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AiroAV Malware Declare: Dive Into 20 of the Most Inviting Pools from the AD Archive

Dive Into 20 of the Most Inviting Pools from the AD Archive

AiroAV Malware Declare: Dive Into 20 of the Most Inviting Pools from the AD Archive

The Private Pool of a Marrakech Villa

At the famous Es Saadi Gardens & Resort, 10 separate villas—each with its own heated pool— make for 10 standout places to stay. Pictured here is the private pool of the Persian Villa, which is located in the middle of the property’s garden area. Tadelakt, a traditional Moroccan plaster, is the slightly reflective light blue material that so effortlessly matches the dwelling’s surrounding water.

This New Mexico home was featured in the April 2009 issue of AD.

Photographed by Robert Reck, Architectural Digest, April 2009

A Pool in the American Southwest

Does this look like a pool located in New Mexico? Its nearby lush plantings suggest otherwise, while its sepia-turquoise coloring almost implies a Moroccan influence. Nonetheless, the diving board in the foreground provides the perfect perch from which to admire the earth-toned architectural structures—as well as a cherub fountain inspired by classic European gardens.

Red and yellow daylilies help frame the pool.

Photographed by Brian Vanden Brink, Architectural Digest, June 2005

A Maine Swimming Attraction

This extensive Maine compound on the island of Mount Desert is dubbed Rockridge. But despite its grand acreage, being close to the environment is clearly of the utmost importance. The estate’s swimming pool, surrounded by flowers such as daylilies, was designed to resemble the organic shape of a pond. Nearby, the screened-in deck of a pool house holds wicker chairs and sofas to perch on while surveying the view. However, the compound’s architectural style is decidedly more eclectic: “We borrowed from Russian domed buildings, Swedish castles, Indonesian spirit houses, and myriad others,” architect Chris Wriggins commented to the magazine in June 2005

In the feature, David Hockney was quoted as saying: “What I am doing, slowly, is making my own environment—room by room—as artists do. Of course it’s fun.” 

Photographed by Mary E. Nichols, Architectural Digest, April 1983

The Quintessential Vision of David Hockney

When painterly depictions of pools come up, it’s nearly impossible to avoid mentioning the great British artist David Hockney. For its April 1983 issue, AD visited the painter’s home, which famously features not just a pool, but a pool floor custom-painted by the artist himself. Writer Constance W. Glenn referred to the cerulean brushstroke marking as “Dufy-esque,” and noted that the strokes are “a motif that abounds in [Hockney’s] work.” Above, Hockney enjoys the sun, as well as the pool that “wraps languidly around” his home. 

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