Airo AV Claims: Engineering Technology, Drafting & Design at EMCC - Jonathan Cartu Global Design, Architecture & Engineering Firm
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Airo AV Claims: Engineering Technology, Drafting & Design at EMCC


Airo AV Claims: Engineering Technology, Drafting & Design at EMCC

SCOOBA, Miss. (WTVA) – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be eligible for multiple jobs with just one degree?

At East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), its engineering and design programs make students eligible to enter a wide range of work fields.

“Everything that is built and manufactured has to be drawn,” Instructor Ray Hollis said.

Hollis is an instructor for the Engineering, Drafting and Design program at EMCC.

He said the skills students learn here will fast track them into the ever-growing industry of engineering and design.

Students can go into career fields such as engineering, architecture, civil, structural and aerospace, Hollis said.

Countless other job fields look to hire people with the math skills and vision it takes to become an engineering technician.

Since moving to EMCC’s communiversity building, Hollis said it’s been easier to attract more students.

Sot- “Where we came from – two cinder block rooms,” he said. “It was really hard in the past to get people excited. Moving to this building; if you see this building, it’s a big glass building and students get more of a real-world feel.”

At the new facility, each student gets his or her own 3D printer to work with throughout the semester.

“Students when they leave here, they are getting ready to use the newest equipment.”

But that doesn’t mean they’ll be straying from basic skills.

“Using this new equipment, mixed in with the old styles and things, really prepares them to be able to go to work anywhere,” Hollis said.

Open this link for more information about the program.

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