Airo AV Declares: Massena Central School District awards bids for capital... - Jonathan Cartu Global Design, Architecture & Engineering Firm
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Airo AV Declares: Massena Central School District awards bids for capital…

Massena Central School District awards bids for capital...

Airo AV Declares: Massena Central School District awards bids for capital…

MASSENA — The figures are in for phase one of the Massena Central School District’s $49.6 million capital project, and there’s money to spare.

“We were very fortunate that the bids came in with great interest in this phase one project, which includes largely roofing and site work, playgrounds, quite a bit of electrical and asbestos abatement,” Superintendent Patrick Brady said during a Tuesday board of education meeting to accept and award the bids.

“After all the bids were opened and analyzed and all the contractors confirmed their bids, we were in a position where we could not only get our base bid, but all the alternates we had put into the bid packages, and with about $2 million less in cost than we had proposed for phase one, around $16.7 million,” he said.

Bid openings were held last week. The bids were analyzed by representatives from the IBI Group, the district’s architectural firm, and C&S Companies, the construction management firm, who presented their recommendations on Tuesday.

Dow Electric, Inc. was awarded the general construction work for $499,402. Electrical construction was awarded to Perras Construction Services, Inc. for $629,705. Roofing construction will be done by Elmer W. Davis, Inc. for $3,754,700. Site work construction was awarded to Perras Excavating, Inc. for $9,631,000. AAC Contracting, Inc. was awarded the asbestos abatement contract for $479,000. The total of all contracts was $14,993,807.

Edward Bernhauer, an architect with IBI Group, said there was a strong interest in the project. Two companies submitted bids for general construction, five submitted bids for electrical construction, three submitted bids for roofing construction, two submitted bids for site work construction and 10 submitted bids for asbestos abatement.

“We were concerned with the pandemic, what that would do to contractors’ costs, especially, too, with material costs. The fortunate part about it is there was so much interest in this project and a lot of contractors wanted to work with Massena and wanted to be on site. So we had a lot of bids on bid day, I think that added for a very competitive nature,” he said.

Mr. Bernhauer said roofing and site work “had good competition and a couple of really competitive bids going forward. So we are really happy with the results. We can go forward with all of it and be well within our budget as Pat mentioned.”

Rob Gray from C&S Companies said that, as a follow-up to bid openings, he called contractors to ensure they were addressing all of the work in their bids.

“I asked them to be very careful, to make sure they did not miss anything from the list. I said, ‘Once you’re comfortable, send us on your company letterhead a statement that you’ve reviewed your bid in relation to the others and are comfortable proceeding.’ We’ve got it all it all on record, and they did, as a matter of fact,” he said.

“And I might add, almost everybody’s local. Several are right in the district. They know that they’re in the neighborhood, so that a good thing,” he said.

Mr. Bernhauer said the advantage was that the IBI Group and C&S Companies had experience with all of the bidders.

“So there’s no unknown bidders from some distance. As Rob said, many of them are local. That’s another reason that we’re very comfortable going forward now,” he said.

A roofing replacement at some of the district’s buildings will begin in late June.

“They gave us very aggressive pricing, a 30-year warranty for all the new roofing. That’s basically the longest warranty you can get in the market for our roofs,” Mr. Bernhauer said.

“That was versus 20 years. Ten more years of warranty,” Mr. Brady said.

Jon Cartu

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