Jonathan Cartu Announced: British Cyber Security Firm Launches VST Pakistan - Jonathan Cartu Global Design, Architecture & Engineering Firm
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Jonathan Cartu Announced: British Cyber Security Firm Launches VST Pakistan

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Jonathan Cartu Announced: British Cyber Security Firm Launches VST Pakistan


MANCHESTER, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2020 / VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) the British cyber security company founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis (31) has today announced that it is to formally launch a new subsidiary in Pakistan called VST Enterprises Pakistan (VSTEP).

The new joint venture has been formed by VSTE CEO Louis-James Davis, British Asian FinTech entrepreneurs and brothers Shaz Sulaman and Ajaz Sulaman. The announcement follows another key strategic appointment last month of Ian Hetherington – former MD of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and tech pioneer – who joined the board of VSTE as an executive director.

Shaz Sulaman and Ajaz Sulaman will spearhead VST Enterprises strategic launch and growth into Pakistan developing relations with the Pakistan Government, various NGO’s, corporate organisations, financial and banking institutions including the State Bank Of Pakistan. They will be instrumental in developing the role out of the VCode® and VPlatform® technology. The ground breaking cyber security tech – which is already being used by the United Nations – will see VCode® and VPlatform® deployed across a wide range of applications including Government ID programs, taxation, benefit authorisation and medical records. VCode® technology will also be used across corporate organisations for secure access based permissions and identity authentication. It will also be used to combat fraud, money laundering and counterfeiting which is currently costing the Pakistan Government billions of US dollars.

Commenting on the launch of VSTE Pakistan, CEO Louis-James Davis said;

“We are delighted and thrilled to have both Ajaz and Shaz Sulaman working in partnership with us to launch VSTE Pakistan, they are a formidable team. Their collective business expertise, tech knowledge and contacts in Pakistan will be of major strategic importance to our global expansion.

Pakistan is an emerging economy with a population of 220 million people and is a rapidly developing country in terms of technology adoption with a projected growth rate of between 5-6% between now and 2026. There are considerable opportunities for VSTE Pakistan to work closely with the financial services sectors, business, industry and The Pakistan Government with limitless opportunities.”

Cyber technology application developer and systems architect Ajaz Sulaman has over 28 years experience in rapid application development (RAD). He has worked extensively within the financial services sectors of multinational blue chip organisations and banking institutions including JP Morgan, UBS, Credit Suisse and HSBC investment bank and BP Oil (Commodities Trading London).

Ajaz brings a wealth of technical knowledge implementing global strategic solutions, third party interfacing and extensive front, middle and back office tech operations.

VSTEP Ajaz Sulaman said;

“We are delighted to be forming this new joint venture of VSTE Pakistan with Louis-James Davis and VST Enterprises. Pakistan’s tech sector is one of the biggest growth markets as the country embraces emerging new technologies. VCode® and VPlatform® technology will not only help develop and improve technology within the banking, Government and financial services sector, but will also help to tackle fraud, counterfeiting and piracy. Fundamentally it will also be instrumental in empowering technology to the underprivileged and underbanked in the banking and benefit sectors.”

VSTE is the cyber security company which has developed VCode® and VPlatform®, the cyber security equivalent of human DNA. VCode® is a unique coding technology that can be used to provide ultra secure financial transactions, virtual mobile wallet payments as well as providing secure identification services and authentication. The unique VCode® and VPlatform® technology allows users to authenticate themselves in a secure and encrypted way. The company is paving the way in FinTech, counterfeiting, anti piracy, financial authentication and secure ID services.

Serial entrepreneur Shaz Sulaman is the classic “Dragons Den” style entrepreneur who started his career as a graduate trainer manager on the shop floor at Dixons Stores Group before climbing the corporate ladder to become Regional Operations Manager for electrical retailer Comet. With the explosion and growth of the mobile phone market, Shaz joined Billionaire Phones 4U founder John Caudwell as Director Of Sales where he went on to become part of the operating boarding and was responsible for the growth of Phones 4U from 30 stores to 350 within 30 months. In 2004 he was appointed Deputy CEO of private investor group Northway Investments Ltd where he worked on a diverse portfolio of investments. Today he is the founder of Three Peaks Capital, a hybrid VC and angel investment firm which specialises in early stage pre launch and launch stage business funding as well as seed run investments into established start ups.

VSTEP Shaz Sulaman added;

“We are delighted to be forming a joint venture with Louis and VST Enterprises. These are exciting times ahead in the tech world, not only are VCode® and VPlatform® ground breaking in their technology, but the number of applications and areas that it can be used within are limitless. Rarely has there been a technology developed at the cutting edge of its field in cyber security that can be used in so many multiple applications across both the private and public sector. Pakistan is a huge growth market and has a substantial appetite and desire for cyber technology. Both myself and Ajaz believe VSTEP will be a huge success.”

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VST Enterprises Ltd | Louis-James Davis | VST Enterprises Pakistan | Shaz Sulaman | Ajaz Sulaman

Please contact Gerard Franklin – Head Of PR & Communications
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VST Enterprises Ltd | The Lexicon | Mount Street | Manchester | M2 5NT


About VST Enterprises Ltd

VST Enterprises (VSTE) is the company behind the VCode® and VPlatform®. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has international offices in New York, Reno, Hong Kong, Armenia, New Delhi and South Africa and operational in 16 countries.

About VCode® & VPlatform®

VCode® represents the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. VCode® has an infinite range of applications and capabilities from secure identification and ID, to geo location and geo fencing, asset tracking, authentication and permission based authorisations, fan and customer engagement through to biometrics and facial recognition.

VCode® can be used across a wide range of applications to securely purchase music, video and film content to concert and sports event tickets. It can also be used to screen exclusive film content, sales promotion and marketing and create dynamic marketing and fan engagement campaigns. Its wider uses also include anti counterfeiting and anti piracy.

A VCode® can be scanned from over 100 metres, with a 70:1 distance to size scan ratio, at 170-degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen and even when the VCode® is microscopic on bank notes or minerals. This allows users to access exclusive content, check the validity and authenticity of an item and make purchases while on the move. VCode® provides military grade encryption with over 2 Quintillion combination codes.

Supporting the VCode® app is the VPlatform® – a secure cloud based portal that allows users to create VCode® and manage the content they lead to. The VPlatform® also provides users with real time analytics on who scanned their codes, when and where the scans took place, providing vital consumer data. The VPlatform® enables push notifications and rewards to be sent back to individuals who have made VCode® scans, offering opportunities for brands to significantly enhance their engagement levels with their client base.

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