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Cybersecurity company tops Glassdoor list of highest paying…

Cybersecurity company tops Glassdoor list of highest paying…

Find out which companies are at the top of Glassdoor’s highest-paying salary list in a new wide-ranging survey.

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Everybody wants to make more money, right? And at Santa Clara, Calif.-based cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, it’s easy to do. The firm made it to the top of Glassdoor’s list of highest paying companies with median total salary of $170,929. 

Glassdoor released a wide ranging survey on what companies paid the best and what positions were the most highly paid. Technology positions and companies dominated both lists. Of the 25 companies listed, 20 were in the tech sector.  

“While several of these companies are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, these median total salaries tower above the Bay Area’s median base pay of $73,128,” Glassdoor’s researchers wrote in the study. “Not surprisingly, tech companies dominate the list of high paying employers, including companies like Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.”

All of the top 10 highest paying companies were involved in tech. In terms of median salary, Palo Alto Networks was followed by Nvidia ($170,068), Twitter ($162,852), Gilead Sciences ($162,210), Google ($161,254), VMware ($158,063), LinkedIn ($157,402), Facebook ($152,962), Salesforce ($150,379) and Microsoft ($148,068).

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You have to get down to the 13th company on the list, McKinsey & Co. ($145,367), to find an enterprise outside of the tech industry. 

Tech-related positions also dominated the list of highest paid positions, even though most came in far behind well-compensated jobs in healthcare and the legal field. 

Glassdoor’s study lists physicians, pharmacy managers and dentists as the positions with the highest median pay, followed by enterprise architects, corporate counsels and software engineers.

“While healthcare roles claim the highest paying spots on this list, the majority of roles are tech roles. The highest paying tech role is enterprise architect, which has a median base salary of $122,585,” Glassdoor’s report said. 

“We see a variety of roles related to the analysis and management of data, including data scientist, data architect and analytics manager. Employers know they need to access data, understand it and use it to their advantage, and they’re willing to pay competitive salaries to do so.”

Other tech positions in software development, applications development, IT programming, UX, and cloud engineering were very well-paid as well. 

Glassdoor was able to compile the ranking based on salary reviews left between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 from U.S.-based employees. They noted that many of the highest-paid positions required multiple degrees or involved extremely specific skill sets. 

“Many of these jobs require extensive higher education or an advanced degree – one of the top reasons these workers are receiving the biggest paychecks,” the Glassdoor report said.  

“Going forward, we should continue to expect to see jobs like these continuing to pay top dollar since the demand for talent with these niche skill sets is still exceeding the supply of talent by quite a bit.”

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